Homeopathy is another form of medicine used currently worldwide and historically for over 200 years.  It is comprised of highly diluted substances made from many different sources and given mostly in tablet form.  The tablets are small pills which dissolve easily on the tongue, making them ideal for everyone, especially children, infants and older people.  The idea behind such diluted doses is that it renders the prescription non-toxic and lacking in conventional side-effects unlike medical drugs.  Homeopaths believe that ‘the remedies’ are capable of stimulating a healing response that is gentle both emotionally and physically.  Homeopaths do not treat named diseases but rather focus on the person as a whole and endeavors to match the personality of the remedy to the individual.


Conventional medicine is aimed at removing symptoms and overriding the body’s own chemical reactions. Homeopathy belongs to physics in that the seemingly little white pills that dissolve easily on the tongue are said to stimulate the body’s own mechanism of self-healing.  This is similar to leaving a cut to heal.  The body will cleverly work tirelessly to knit the skin together, patching it up as if it had never happened. 

If the wrong medicine is given it does no harm as the substance that the medicine is made of (plants minerals, animals) is strongly diluted in water to render it free of the harmful elements of the original substance and creating a unique energy or vibration.  It’s then up to the practitioner to match the special personality of the medicine to the individual. 


A typical example is coffee which taken normally is a stimulant and keeps you awake but as a Homeopathic medicine can alleviate insomnia. This is the principle of ‘Like curing like’. Homeopathy can be given alongside conventional drugs and can sometimes alleviate the harmful effects of this treatment.


Finally Homeopathy can be given to anyone with any condition because the Homeopath sees people as a whole picture.


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