What Our Patients Say

"I have been going to see Simon here (chiropractor) only for a few months, however thought I would write a review as a testament to the service and care I have recieved. I suffer with bad headaches and have done everyday for the past 2 and a half years. When I first met Simon he instantly took me seriously which made me feel valued and listened too. Not only does he physically treat things, he also invests in finding out about you, which makes every time you visit a personal experience. I want to thank the entire team for their continued effort in making me comfortable and in essence, making me well again :)" - Zoe, Ashford, Kent

When I started I was in agony bent over double & within a few sessions I had lost pain, within 8 sessions I was upright. Now my back is working normally, no pain & the biggest suprise was my eczema is gone which I have suffered with for years! - Martin, Ashford, Kent

The combination of the adjustment followed by a massage has made a real difference with regards to pain and mobility. Since combining the two treatments I feel I have taken a real step forward towards being totally pain free. -  Brian, Ashford, Kent

"I would like to say Simon is the best person I have used over the years to ease my back pain. After having a back spasm a few weeks ago where I couldn't stand up he has worked gently on my back to get it back to a correct posture. I have also come to the conclusion that a once a month chiropractor maintenance visit is the best thing for me going forward to prevent my back reverting to its bad habits." - Gareth, Ashford, Kent

I would very stongly recommend chiropractic, I was unsure how my pain would be reduced BUT be reassured this has given me back my life. Thank you. - Jan, Ashford, Kent