Massage Therapy

What is Massage? 

Massage is a treatment which aims to relax, rejuvenate and help to heal the body. During a massage session at the Ashford Back & Wellness Centre, our Ashford Massage Therapists will use manual hands-on movements to help work with the soft tissues and deeper muscles of the body. There are different types of massage which offer different benefits depending on what you are looking for. Massage used to be known for pampering alone, and although this can still be the case due the relaxing nature of a 'therapeutic' type of massage, Massage is also used for pain relief, help with sports injuries, and general well-being.

Massage is also congruent with Chiropractic care, so many of the patients that come to the Ashford Back & Wellness Centre like to take advantage of utilising both. Our Ashford Massage team and Chiropractors work closely together to ensure that our patients get the maximum benefit possible from their treatment at the Ashford Back & Wellness Centre.  Although this is something that we strongly recommend, any of the massages we offer can be booked as a stand-alone session. We have many clients that come in for what we like to call a 'maintenance' massage once a month which keeps them feeling relaxed and able to move freely. As referred to above, we have many patients who like to combine both the massage with the chiropactic either consecutively or on separate days (which work extremely well together to get you feeling supple and on top of your health).

Our Ashford Back & Wellness Massage team use some fantastic massage wax or relaxation oils to give that extra special feel but also enable them to work easily on those muscles that really need deeper work.

A massage is definitely something that EVERYONE can benefit from... even if it is just to take time out & focus on 'you' for half an hour in the day.

 If you haven't had a massage before then we would recommend you try a 30 minute massage to get you started.

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