Custom Made Orthotics

Total body alignment starts with your feet....

The body is a human kinetic chain of interconnected parts. If your feet are misaligned, the rest of your body will not be in balance. This can result in pain and discomfort, not just in your feet, but throughout the body, including your knees, hip and back

Orthotic services provide prescription insoles, braces, splints, callipers, footwear, spinal jackets and helmets which help people recover from or avoid injury, or live with lifelong conditions.

The correct supply and fitting of orthoses can help improve quality of life by reducing pain, keeping people mobile and independent and preventing more invasive and expensive interventions like surgery, amputation or the need for social care.

The gait cycle

Your gait or walking style can affect your body's alignment. When walking or running, a misalignment in your feet will require your knees, hips and back to compensate, which can in turn, result in aches and pains or injury.


Personalised foot analysis service

At the Ashford Back & Wellness Centre we are pleased to be able to offer YOU an expert look at your foot type and alignment and assess the impact this has on your body.

Assessing your foot alignment

Photographs of your feet are taken to demonstrate their effect on your total body alignment, highlighting your foot type and any misalignments. 

At the Ashford Back & Wellness Centre we are pleased to offer insoles that are custom-moulded to your unique feet...

FootBalance custom insoles are moulded to your feet in a neutral position. The insoles' dynamic arch support prevents excessive movement of the foot and improves your total body alignment. Our team have received specialist training to use our state of the art FootBalance machine and the insoles will provide YOU with support, balance and cushion your body, providing the foundation you require.

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