Since the central nervous system is so vital, the body has wisely built in a system of protection. Around the brain we have the skull, or cranial vault, and around the spinal cord is a system of protection for the spine -- 24 moveable segments which have the dual role of protecting the central nervous system and providing the axis for the entire musculo-skeletal system. The very thing that is designed to protect the spinal cord can actually interfere with it, due to misalignment of the spine.


All misalignments are caused by stress that overwhelms the body's resilience and coping ability. Physical stress can occur as the result of a car accident or slipping on an icy sidewalk, improper posture, occupational trauma, or birth trauma. Emotional stress can be the result of significant emotional trauma or the inability to adapt to a stressful situation. Chemical trauma can result from the use of prescription or illicit drugs, inadequate nutrition, or environmental toxins. By interfering with the central nervous system, vertebral subluxations interfere with normal function, reducing your body's ability to self-regulate, adapt, and heal. 

Stress, anger, frustration, resentment, and grief cause an increased release of adrenaline & cortisol. Muscles tense and this puts strain on the spinal column. Nerve interference results and creates ill health.



When we live in a chronically stressful environment, our body undergoes significant physiological change, including increased blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose. When these changes over a period of time, we tax our body’s adaptability and physiological breakdown inevitably results.



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